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The vision of QGIIS towards producing the legacy of ukhrawi is testified by its dedication and illustrious line of prominent teachers and management team. Since its inception, QGIIS together with the students and support from parents of the school have continuously played key roles in promoting Islamic affairs especially in Kinrara, Bukit Jalil and Puncak Jalil areas.


The curricula of our integrated school is conspicuously designed towards equal emphasis on both religious and academic subjects. We believe this can be achieved through continuous and balanced execution programs that give the widest exposure to the students with regards to the needs of pursuing the best in academic teaching while at the same time embracing the Islamic practices at its most. At QGIIS, the nurture of Islamic virtues extends beyond the teaching in the classroom, rather, these values are consistently being applied throughout the communications and activities among students and teachers throughout the schooling session.

Alhamdullilah, today we are given the opportunity by Allah, to offer complete classes for primary level, starting from Standard 1 upto Standard 6. QGIIS sets its Islamic syllabus for JAIS and JAKIM exams, at the same time, all of its academic curricular area dhering for the PBS under the new KSSR of  Malaysia Education syllabus.





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